Sometimes, officials of other sports require a watchful eye.   Take, for example, MLB umpire Ron Kulpa.

He must hate the Texas Rangers. Despite being born and raised in St. Louis, maybe he’s a New York Islanders fan and hates everything ‘Ranger’.  Maybe he’s not a fan of ’90s television shows starring Chuck Norris.  Whatever the reasons, he’s got it in for the boys from Arlington.

First, he blew a call in the 2011 World Series that allowed his hometown Cardinals to pick up an extra four runs.

Recently, he blew a called strike.  At least, it looked like it was a strike.   Not in Kulpa’s world, though.   This wasn’t just any strike.  With two outs in the bottom of the sixth, it ruined what had up until that point been a perfect game for Rangers picture Yu Darvish.   You make the call: