Day: February 11, 2014

Today’s Olympic Hockey Referees- 2/12/14

Men’s Olympic Hockey Preliminaries – Group C Czech Republic vs. Sweden – 21:00 Sochi time / 12:00pm EST Referees: Konstantin Olenin (KHL/Russia), Kelly Sutherland (NHL/Canada) Linesmen: Ivan Dedioulia (Belarus), Greg Devorski (NHL/Canada) Latvia vs. Switzerland – 21:00 Sochi time / 12:00pm EST Referees: Lars Brueggemann (DEL/Germany), Brad Meier (NHL/USA) Linesmen: Derek Amerll (NHL/USA), Sakari Suominen (Finland)   Women’s Olympic Hockey Preliminaries – Group A Switzerland vs. Finland – 12:00 Sochi time / 3:00am EST Referee: Erin Blair (USA) Linesmen: Laura Johnson (USA), Michaela Kudelova (Slovakia) Canada vs. USA – 16:30 Sochi time / 7:30am EST Referee: Anna Eskola (Finland) Linesmen: Ilona Novotna (Czech Republic), Zuzana Svobodova (Czech Republic)...

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Rule Differences: NHL vs. Olympic Hockey

While hockey is still the same game, there are a few rule changes when you go from the NHL to the Olympics/IIHF.   Read up on some of the differences between the two: NHL Olympics Ice Size 200′ x 85′ 200′ x 98′ Goal Distance from Boards 11′ 13′ Icing Hybrid – Linesman judgement based on leading skater No Touch – Whistle blows when puck crosses goal line Overtime 4-on-4 for five minutes 4-on-4 for five minutes. In playoff game, 4-on-4 for ten minutes. In gold medal game, 4-on-4 for twenty minutes. Faceoffs Visiting player’s stick down first Attacking player’s stick...

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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Hockey Officials

Olympic Men’s Hockey Referees Lars Brüggemann (Germany) Dave Jackson (NHL) Antonin Jerabek (Czech Rep.) Mike Leggo (NHL) Brad Meier (NHL) Konstantin Olenin (Russia) Tim Peel (NHL) Daniel Piechaczek (Germany) Kevin Pollock (NHL) Jyri Rönn (Finland) Vladimir Sindler (Czech Rep.) Kelly Sutherland (NHL) Marcus Vinnerborg (Sweden) Ian Walsh (NHL) Linesmen Derek Amell (NHL) Lonnie Cameron (NHL) Chris Carlson (Canada) Ivan Dedioulia (Belarus) Greg Devorski (NHL) Tommy George (USA) Brad Kovachik (NHL) Andy McElman (NHL) André Schrader (Germany) Sakari Suominen (Finland) Miroslav Valach (Slovakia) Mark Wheler (NHL) Jesse Wilmot (Canada) Christopher Woodworth (USA) Olympic Women’s Hockey Referees Erin Blair (USA) Melanie...

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