Anaheim Ducks head coach Greg Cronin has been fined $25,000 for comments directed toward the officials during Monday’s win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Cronin unloaded on referee Frederick L’Ecuyer after a Ducks goal was waved off for goaltender interference.  The Ducks challenged the call on the ice, which was confirmed by the NHL’s Situation Room.  

Call on the ice stands: no goal, Anaheim. The Ducks were also assessed a delay of game penalty for the failed challenge.

That’s when Cronin really went off. We’re no expert lip readers, but if your kids are, that clip may not be suitable for them.



The Anaheim bench boss was given a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.  He continued with his tirade, prompting the officials to eject from the game, leaving assistants Newell Brown and Brent Thompson to run the show.

While Cronin may have been frustrated with L’Ecuyer’s call on the ice, the final ruling on the play came not from the on-ice official in Pittsburgh, but from the NHL’s Situation Room in Toronto.  All Coach’s Challenges are handled by the league’s central office. 

Perhaps Cronin’s frustration would’ve been better served by picking up the phone. 


Ducks’ Goal Disallowed for Goaltender Interference vs. Pens