The Ontario Hockey League has released the officials who will be patrolling the ice for the 2023-24 season. 

This year’s lineup includes 101 officials – 41 referees and 60 linespeople. Eleven new officials have joined the OHL ranks, four referees and seven on lines.  

New to the OHL are referees Damian Figueira, Cameron Fynney, Mitchell Hardy and Alex Lepkowski.  Figueira and Fynney previously officiated in the GTHL. Lepkowski worked in the USHL and AHL.  They’ll be joined by rookie linespersons Brendan Barletta, Riley Clipper, Devon Gale, Quinn Hanna, Mason Hardy, Dalton Kipp, and Carter Tait. 
Three linespersons from last season have made the jump to referee: Matt Boulby, David Elford, and Chad Ingalls. 

From the OHL:

Sean Reid remains the longest-tenured member of the OHL officiating staff, entering his 24th season and 20th wearing the bands as a referee. Geoff Rutherford serves as the longest-tenured linesman, entering his 22nd season while Dave Pfohl hits the 20-year milestone in 2023-24.

Four women return as OHL officials this season including referees Hillary Brennan and Lacey Senuk while Justine Todd and Kirsten Welsh are back on the lines.


Officials not returning from last season include referee Stephen Hiff, who was hired by the NHL; referee Michael Hamilton, who relocated and will be working in the Q; and linesman Kevin Hastings, who is coming off the ice to help the stripes as an officiating manager after his final game: Guelph Storm vs. London Knights on October 7.
Other refs not coming back are Chris Ferreira, Brendan Schreider, Tyler Shaw, and Anthony Tapper, along with linespersons Justin Auger, Kyle Flood, Garrett James, William Lamoureux, Darren Long, Charlie Millen, Zach Ouellette, Scott Reed, and Scott Wilson.
Here are the Ontario Hockey League officials for the 2023-24 OHL season:

2023-24 OHL Referees

#NameSeasonsAs Ref
2Willmetts, Andrew44
3Harrison, Ryan66
4Hennigan, Jack22
5Faist, Jason1715
6Brennan, Hillary22
7Mallon, Connor21
8Figueira, Damian11
9Elbers, Ryan66
10Kimmerly, Sean22
11Elford, David21
12Ingalls, Chad22
13Kane, Brendan43
14Fynney, Cameron11
15Neely, Aaron97
16Lewis, Dave1412
17Wilmot, Jesse159
18Boulby, Matt22
19Emerson, Danny33
20Hutchison, Ryan1614
21Jackson, Drew165
22Coulombe, Brent1010
23Stewart, Tyson44
24Scott, Matt44
25Monette, Joe1613
26Reid, Sean2420
27Bet, Nick83
28Beer, Blake42
29Ross, Alex85
30Chapman, Chris73
31Marley, Mike1616
32Wilson, Ben1513
33Nichol, Mac65
34Cairns, Mike1414
35Ferguson, Scott1616
36Jenken, Ryan55
37Hardy, Mitchell11
38Burchell, Darcy1616
39Senuk, Lacey22
40Myers, Pat1212
47McArthur, Kevin81
55Lepkowski, Alex11

2023-24 OHL Line Officials

41Johnstone, Michael7
42Hiebert, Jared4
43Weier, Chris3
44Brass, Riley2
45Pye, Luke2
46Lamothe, Jacob2
48Schmidt, Alex4
49Harris, Adam12
49Lizotte, Marco5
50Todd, Justine2
51Heaman, Brett2
52Menard, J.F.12
53Dykeman, Will6
54Policicchio, Marcus10
56Jackson, Corey2
57Hurtubise, Jordan3
58Herrington, Justin10
59Rodgers, Kyle4
60Millen, Charlie3
61Barletta, Brendan1
62Rutherford, Geoff22
63Milne, David7
64Perry, Brock2
65Clipper, Riley1
66Gale, Devon1
67Hanna, Quinn1
68McCrank, Dustin15
70Pare, Kurtis3
71Jolley, Josh6
72Knox, Spencer3
73Arcan, Nick3
74Miller, Troy19
75Horan, Brad7
76Welsh, Kirsten3
77Grougrou, Andre5
78Kielbowich, Joel2
79Joubert, Alex2
80Noble, Justin5
81Hardy, Mason1
82Cadwell, Ryan4
83Card, Ryan11
84Hunter, TJ2
85Mannella, Matt3
86Kipp, Dalton1
87Giesler, Charlie2
88Houslander, Joshua9
89Tait, Carter1
90Rush, Ian2
91Birkhoff, Brian2
92Burton, Jarrett2
92Cornell, Justin2
93Peacock, Tristan4
94Burnett, Adam2
95Oliver, Shawn4
95King, Raymond18
96Pfohl, Dave20
97Page, Riley4
97Gagne, Zach3
98Lawson, Scott10




2023-24 OHL Officiating Staff

Director of Officiating – Conrad Haché

Director of Administration – Herb Morell


Officiating Managers

  • Brad Beer
  • Ken Cox
  • Greg Devorski
  • Kevin Hastings
  • Greg Kimmerly
  • Ken Miller
  • Scott Oakman