Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand opened the scoring in Game 4 against the Panthers on a goal that was originally waved off.

Florida goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky made an incredible save on a cross-crease pass from David Pastrnak to Tyler Bertuzzi. After the save, the puck was loose in the crease in front of Bobrovsky. Referee T.J. Luxmore looked on – hand on the crossbar – as Marchand swept in and pushed the puck into the net.

Luxmore blew the whistle and emphatically signalled no goal. 



The officials huddled to discuss the play, with Luxmore getting on the mic to announce the decision.

“The puck was loose on the previously play,” Luxmore explained. “It was shot into the net before the whistle. It is a goal.”

Officials do have the option to discuss the play when determining the initial call on the ice. The referees can consider feedback from the linesmen, but cannot leverage video replays – either via the penalty box tablet or the overhead scoreboard.

Based on the outcome – and Luxmore’s initial reaction – we would expect that one of the other on-ice officials had a clear view of the loose puck.

Florida Panthers head coach commented on the goal after the goal. 

“I’m not sure where that one and the one in Tampa-Toronto last night,” said Maurice. “How those two even out, but I don’t enough experience in this league to figure that **** out.”

Maurice has coached over 1,800 NHL games since his league debut behind the bench in 1995. 


The Boston Bruins went on to win the game 6-2 to take a 3-1 series lead. Referees for the game were Dan O’Rourke (#9) and T.J. Luxmore (#21); linesmen were Matt MacPherson (#83) and Jesse Marquis (#86).