The Florida Panthers simply couldn’t beat Tampa goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy on Monday night. Their best chance may have come off the helmet of linesman Scott Cherrey.



A shot from Anton Lundell deflected off linesman Scott Cherrey, nearly eluding Vasilevskiy.  The Lightning netminder was able to deflect the puck with a last second poke check.

Not that it mattered.

Had the puck gone in, it wouldn’t have counted.

Officials are typically in play, but you can’t score a goal off one — just ask referee Tim Peel.   From Rule 85.4:

Play shall not be stopped if the puck touches an official anywhere on the rink, regardless of whether a team is short-handed or not.

If a goal is scored as a result of being deflected directly into the net off an official, the goal shall not be allowed.

Heck of a save by Vasilevskiy on this shot — one of 49 on the night.  One, though, that would’ve never counted.


Though there were two other goals scored tonight that also didn’t count.

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