The Ref Cam is back!  The IIHF has once again given us a look at the action on the ice from the officials’ point of view at the 2022 World Championship.



Some highlights:

“Where else would we rather be on a Saturday night?  Let’s go!”

A “one-two-three-yee-haw!” is always good, but seeing as this is an international tourney, it’s nice to get an “eins-zwei-drei-let’s go!” in there as well.

Don’t miss the body contact, with some ref bumps at :40 and a man down at 1:01 – bonus since he was also wearing the cam.  You get a feel for what it’s like to be taken out on the play, but without having to buy the first round after the game.

Also, check out the ‘snowcastle’ destruction at 1:30.

“Don’t go in there! It’s over!”


Here are the referees and linesmen working this year’s World Championship:

IIHF Names 2022 World Championship Referees and Linesmen