Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg has quite a shot.  He’s used it to find the back of the net 42 times this season, but more interesting was one shot that didn’t go in.

A one-timer from Forsberg appeared to break the crossbar behind Colorado Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper.



The Preds winger’s one-timer didn’t damage the 2 3/8″ steel tube, though. Much like Luke Skywalker with the first Death Star, Forsberg found its weak spot.

The NHL has installed goal-line cameras in the crossbar of the net, which were first introduced back in 2015. These are used for video reviews to determine if the puck crossed the line.

The two crossbar cameras are visible in this photo taken by a third in-net camera.

“We think it’ll give us a truer picture and a real look straight down from 4 feet away rather than the overhead on the rafters that can sometimes be distorted,” Kris King of NHL Hockey Operations said prior to launch. “Oftentimes there’s traffic or goalie gear locking out [the post] cameras.”

An image from the NHL's crossbar camera

An image from the NHL’s crossbar camera


In this case, the puck clearly didn’t cross the line — but it took out the camera that would’ve been used to check.

Nothing a little hockey tape can’t fix, thanks to linesman Jonny Murray.