Referee Lukas Kohlmueller suffered an arm injury when he was cut by a skate during a game between USA and Latvia.

Kohlmueller (#10) collided with Team USA forward Logan Cooley in the defensive zone. Cooley was circling behind the net while Kohlmueller was looking up ice, watching the play.  The two fell to the ice, with Cooley’s skate cutting the referee’s right arm.



The German official was able to skate to the bench for medical treatment. He was escorted off the ice. No word on his condition.

The two teams left the ice with 3:09 remaining in the first period. The officials called for an early intermission, with the additional time tacked on after the break.

Referee Niclas Lundsgaard (#14) of Denmark was the standby referee for today’s game. He replaced Kohlmueller skating alongside Canadian referee Mike Langin (#22) and linesmen Patrick Laguzov (#70) of Germany, and Tarrington Wyonzek (#64) from Canada.

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