The wrong man was convicted. He served his time, but he never should’ve been locked up in the first place.

Edmonton Oilers forward Kailer Yamamoto was wrongfully penalized for a high stick that wasn’t his.  When Philadelphia Flyers forward Travis Konecny was caught in the face with a stick, referee T.J. Luxmore sent Yamamoto to the box.  Unfortunately for the Oilers winger – and for Konecny – it was the stick of Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov that actually made contact.



The official, making the call in real time without the benefit of replay, is hardly to blame.

But what about that replay?  Can’t the officials review high-sticking penalties?   Only if they cause an injury.

Here’s the portion of Rule 60.3 that covers video reviews of high-sticking calls:

Referees making [a double-minor for high sticking] call shall have the option (but not the obligation) to review video of the play for the purpose of confirming (or not) their original call on the ice, and, in particular, whether the stick causing the apparent injury was actually the stick of the Player being penalized.

Such reviews will be conducted exclusively by the Referee(s) on the ice in consultation with other On-Ice Officials, as appropriate, using the technology (for example, a handheld tablet or television or computer monitor) provided for the Official(s) at ice level. On any such review, the only contact between the On-Ice Official(s) and the NHL Situation Room shall be for the sole purpose of ensuring the Referee is receiving any and all video he may request and that he has access to all the appropriate replay angles he may need to review the penalty call. There shall be no other consultation between the Referee and the NHL Situation Room, or with any other non-game participant.

Simply put, if Provorov did more damage to Konecny, the play is reviewable. If it gets reviewed, Yamamoto is off the hook.

This one wasn’t damaging enough to get a replay.  Similarly, the Flyers’ power play wasn’t damaging enough to take advantage.

Edmonton went on to win the game 3-0.  Referees were T.J. Luxmore (#21) and Kyle Rehman (#10); linesmen were Tyson Baker (#88) and Devin Berg (#87).