Don’t let anyone tell you that hockey officials aren’t tough.

Referee Ian Walsh took a stick down low during Saturday’s game between the Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche.  The veteran official was moving to avoid the play when Montreal’s Ben Chiarot cleared the puck down the ice.  While Walsh avoided the puck, Chiarot’s stick caught him right between the wickets.



The play was whistled down with 9:00 remaining in the first period. After a moment, Walsh opted to remain on the ice and continue.

He did appear to be in some discomfort later in the second period. No word if that was related to the ‘low stick’ or a separate issue altogether.

Walsh was able to finish the game.

Referees for the game were Ian Walsh (#29) and Trevor Hanson (#14), with linesmen Vaughan Rody (#73) and Killian McNamara (#93)