The Tampa Bay Lightning nearly cut the Bruins’ lead in half, but the goal was waved off after the puck was played with a high stick.

Bolts winger Tyler Johnson batted the puck, which then deflected off Bruins defenseman Torey Krug. Alex Killorn collected the puck and fired it past Boston goaltender Jaroslav Halak.

Referee Chris Lee immediately waved off the goal.



When it comes to goals being scored, a high stick starts at the crossbar. For a puck played to a teammate, the stick must be below the player’s shoulders.

In this case, the puck was well above Johnson’s shoulders at the time he played it.  From Rule 80:

Batting the puck above the normal height of the shoulders with a stick is prohibited. When a puck is struck with a high stick and subsequently comes into the possession and control of a player from the offending team (including the player who made contact with the puck), either directly or deflected off any player or official, there shall be a whistle.

When a puck has been contacted by a high stick, the play shall be permitted to continue, provided that the puck has been batted to an opponent (when a player bats the puck to an opponent, the Referee shall give the “washout” signal immediately. Otherwise, he will stop the play).

Though the puck clearly deflected off Krug, he needed to control the puck in order for the high stick to be cancelled out.

He didn’t. The whistle blew. The goal was waved off.

Good call, ref.