Dallas Stars forward Joe Pavelski completed the hat trick, tying Game 4 against the Calgary Flames with just 12 seconds remaining.

Not only did his shot need to beat goaltender Cam Talbot, but it also needed to clear a review by the NHL’s Situation Room — which it did, thanks to some nice skate work from Tyler Seguin.




Goals scored in the final minute of regulation or any time in overtime are subject to an automatic review by the Situation Room for any plays otherwise eligible for a Coach’s Challenge: goaltender interference, offside, or a missed stoppage in the offensive zone.

In this case, the league took a second look at the zone entry to ensure the play was onside.

It was.  Just barely, thanks to a big stretch by Tyler Seguin.

Seguin appeared to catch an edge, somehow stopping and keeping his trailing skate in contact with the blueline.

Credit the Stars and Pavelski for a great game-tying goal.  Give equal credit to Seguin for staying onside to make sure it counted.