Nazem Kadri’s buzzer-beater held up after NHL review to give Colorado a 2-1 win over the St. Louis Blues.

The Avs winger was in the right place at the right time – just barely – to score the game-winner in Sunday night’s game.  With Blues center Alex Steen off for hooking, Kadri fired home the rebound of a Gabriel Landeskog shot to give his team the lead right as the horn sounded.

Referee Dan O’Rourke signaled a goal on the ice, immediately heading over to confirm the call with the NHL’s Situation Room.

After an extensive review, the league came back with their ruling.

“Upon review, we have a goal on the ice”, said O’Rourke.



Rule 37 covers video review with regards to goals and the game clock.

The following situations are subject to review by the NHL Situation Room:  … (c) Puck in the net prior to (or after) the expiration of time at the end of a period

The NHL Situation Room may use Video Review to establish the correct time on the clock. The “burn in” of the game clock is mandatory for the two overhead goal video feeds, and should be made available by the host broadcaster on as many additional feeds as possible.

The overhead view was, as is often the case on contested goals, the most helpful in confirming O’Rourke’s initial call on the ice.  The puck appeared to completely cross the line with 0.1 remaining on the clock.

“I knew there wasn’t much time left,” Kadri said. “I didn’t hear a buzzer. I tried to stay on top of the puck, and luckily it worked out.”

Here’s the official ruling from the Situation Room:

Hockey Operations used the burn-in clock on the overhead camera to confirm the Referees’ call on the ice that the puck completely crossed the St. Louis goal line before time expired

It took some time to confirm, but that’s typically the case with what NBC’s Ed Olczyk called a photo finish.  The important thing is that the referee got the call right, and that the league confirmed it.

“At 0.1 it’s on the line and then at 0 it’s in the net,” said Blues forward David Perron. “I’m sure it’s as close a goal as you’ll ever see.”