Referee Gord Dwyer was slated to take the ice alongside fellow ref Steve Kozari on Sunday.  He just didn’t expect to be wearing Kozari’s jersey.

The 15-year NHL veteran, though, took Tim Gunn’s fashion advice: “Make it work.”

Due to an equipment issue, Dwyer was forced to don a backup jersey for Sunday’s game between the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights.  Teams are required to provide backup jerseys for the officials, with #35 for referees and #85 for linesmen.

Dwyer, though, opted for a more ‘customized’ approach.

Referee Gord Dwyer's Tape Job on Replacement Jersey Number

The Nova Scotia native got to work with the tape, using rolls of black and white to modify one of Kozari’s jerseys.  (Note the #40 on both sleeves.)

All in all, quite an impressive job converting a #40 to a #19.

Here’s hoping Dwyer’s gear finds its way to his next destination in time for the regular season.