The Ontario Hockey League (OHL) has announced the referees and linesmen working the 2018-19 season.

Referees joining the OHL this season include Brandon Biggers, Ryan Jenken, Dan Kelly, Dan Ransom, and Carter Sandlak. Matt Ceko, Kyle DeCoste, Curtis Dotey, Kyle Flemington, Andre Grougrou, Marco Lizotte, Darren Long, Jeremy Makohn, Justin Noble, Kyle Neuber, Riley Page, Dylan Rodgers, Fraser Turner, and Tim Valeriote join the league as linesmen.

David Cianfrini, Drew Jackson, Mac Nichol, Alex Ross, and Anthony Tapper make the switch from lines to referee for the upcoming season.

On the management side, Scott Oakman joins the league as officiating manager.

Milestone Seasons

A number of OHL officials are celebrating milestones in 2018-19.  Referees Scott Oakman and Sean Reid, along with linesman Kevin Hastings, are all entering their 20th seasons. Linesman Troy Miller is working his 15th season in the OHL, while Mike Cairns. Mike Harrington, and Dave Lewis are officiating their 10th.


OHL officials Tyson Baker, Mitch Dunning, and Michael Markovic are moving on up.  The trio have been hired by the NHL and will split time between the AHL and NHL for 2018-19.



Below is the full list of Ontario Hockey League officials for the 2018-19 OHL season. Click on a heading to sort by name or number.

2018-19 OHL Referees

#NameYrsYrs as Ref
2Wood, Len44
3Harrison, Ryan33
4Celestin, Joe2211
5Faist, Jason1311
6Gill, Nick33
7Evans, Quincy44
8Hamilton, Mike84
9Elbers, Ryan84
10Battista, Patrick33
11Montsion, Brett55
12Sweeney, Tom1310
13Cianfrini, David41
14Ferreira, Chris33
15Neely, Aaron53
16Lewis, Dave108
17Wilmot, Jesse115
18Moser, Ben44
19Goldenberg, Jason1310
20Hutchison, Ryan1210
21Jackson, Drew121
22Coulombe, Brent66
24Jackson, Stacy72
25Monette, Joe129
26Reid, Sean2016
27Schein, Josh33
28Ransom, Dan11
29Ross, Alex41
30Sandlak, Carter11
31Marley, Mike1212
32Wilson, Ben119
33Nichol, Mac21
34Cairns, Mike1010
35Ferguson, Scott1212
36Jenken, Ryan11
37Tapper, Anthony21
38Burchell, Darcy1212
39Dease, Craig22
40Myers, Pat88
51Kelly, Dan11
56Biggers, Brandon11

2018-19 OHL Linesmen

41Johnstone, Michael3
42Connolly, Kevin2
43Keyes, Kevin3
44Rodgers, Dylan1
45Makohn, Jeremy1
46Thompson, Shayne3
47McArthur, Kevin4
48Borden, Dave6
49Lizotte, Marco1
50Chapman, Chris3
51Valeriote, Tim1
52Menard, J.F.8
53Dykeman, Will2
54Policicchio, Marcus6
55Holmstead, Chris3
58Herrington, Justin6
60Flemington, Kyle1
61Hastings, Kevin20
62Rutherford, Geoff18
63Milne, David3
64Smith, Pat8
65Wilson, Scott9
66Flood, Kyle5
67Lekun, Kyle4
68McCrank, Dustin11
70Fagan, Brady3
71Jolley, Josh2
72Ceko, Matt1
73Turner, Fraser1
74Miller, Troy15
75Horan, Brad3
76Long, Darren1
77Grougrou, Andre1
79Bet, Nick4
80Noble, Justin1
81Reed, Scott3
82Neuber, Kyle1
83Card, Ryan7
84Hooper, Cory2
85Dix, Steve5
86Hutek, Joe3
87Piche, Cory7
88Houslander, Joshua5
89Dotey, Curtis1
90Harrington, Mike10
91Holmstead, Ryan8
92DeCoste, Kyle1
94Tang, Justin3
95King, Raymond14
96Pfohl, Dave16
97Page, Riley1
98Lawson, Scott6

2018-19 OHL Officiating Staff

Director of Officiating – Conrad Hache

Director of Administration – Herb Morell

Officiating Managers

  • Brad Beer
  • Ken Cox
  • Ken Miller
  • Scott Oakman
  • Matt Parlette
  • Bill Prisniak
  • Leon Stickle