The NHL officiating staff has undergone some minor changes for the 2018-19 season. Some officials have retired, other have been promoted, and a handful of new officials have joined the crew.   We’ve got the full roster available.  Here’s what to look for:

Promoted Officials

The NHL has promoted four officials – two referees and two linesmen – who split time last season between the AHL and NHL.  Referees Chris Schlenker, who shifts to #3, is now a full-time NHL referee, as is Pierre Lambert, who will be wearing #37 for the 2018-19 season.  Linesmen Libor Suchanek, #60, and Travis Gawryletz, #67, also jump to full-time, retaining their numbers. Suchanek becomes the first non-North American full-time NHL official.



New Officials

Eight new officials have been hired by the NHL for the 2018-19 season. Joining the league are referees Brandon Blandina (#39), Mitch Dunning (#43), Beaudry Halkidis (#48), Michael Markovic (#47), Conor O’Donnell (#41), and Brandon Schrader (#46), all of whom will work the bulk of this season in the American Hockey League.  They’re joined by linesmen Tyson Baker (#88) and Jesse Marquis (#86), who are expected to split time between the AHL and NHL.  All eight of the league’s new officials saw NHL action during the preseason.


Retired Officials

Four NHL officials hung up their skates after last season.  Referees Dave Jackson and Tom Kowal have retired, along with linesmen Shane Heyer and Mark Wheler.  Referee Evgeny Romasko also left the league, opting to return to Russia and continue his officiating career in the KHL.  AHL/NHL referee Cameron Voss is also not returning to National Hockey League duty.


NHL Officiating Roster

Here’s the full lineup of the league’s 34 NHL referees and 34 linesmen, along with 10 AHL/NHL referees and 4 AHL/NHL linesmen.


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