Referees Dan O’Halloran and Kevin Pollock, along with linesmen Scott Cherrey and Brian Murphy, were mic’d up for Game 4 of the second round series between the St. Louis Blues and Nashville Predators.



The most interesting part is the exchange between referee Kevin Pollock and the NHL’s Situation Room on a Coach’s Challenge for goaltender interference.

“The only thing is, what do I say to Corey [Perry]?” asks Pollock. “I tell him to stay out of the blue, which he does. I don’t think it’s a deliberate act; it’s skate-on-skate.”

There’s no mention of possible body contact between Perry and the blocker of goaltender Cam Talbot.

“Yeah, [referee] Danny [O’Halloran] agrees with me as a goal. So we’re all good? Okay? So we’ve got a goal on the ice.”