From the folks at Sportsnet comes 3:16 of glorious mic’d up on-ice officiating action from the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:


Some highlights:

  • 0:08 – Ref Chris Rooney: “What are you doing?” “What am I doing?” “Yeah, what are you doing?”
  • 0:34 – Rooney, again: “That’s just the interpretation of the rule.” “It’s a weird rule.” “It is. You’re right.”
  • 0:44 – Referee Gord Dwyer: “You cross-checked him in the face! Get over there!”
  • 1:16 – Wes McCauley gets demonstrative explaining a play to the Flames’ bench
  • 2:44 – Steve Ott gets clarification from Francois St. Laurent on the legality of hitting
  • 2:47 – The officials all get together on watching Komarov near the goalie