The Lethbridge Hurricanes had a great opportunity to get back into their elimination game against the Regina Pats. Trailing 6-4 with 1:09 to play, Lethbridge was awarded a penalty shot.

Canes’ leading scorer Tyler Wong was unable to convert on the shot, but Regina netminder Tyler Brown dislodged the net during the attempt.




Referees Chris Crich and Brett Iverson deemed the contact unintentional, with their options laid out in Rule 24.4 of the WHL Rulebook:

During the shot, should the goalkeeper, in an attempt at making a save, dislodge the goal accidentally, the Referee shall make one of the following determinations:

(i) Award a goal if he deems the player would have scored into the area normally occupied by the net had it not been dislodged.

(ii) Allow the shot to be re-taken if he does not score or it could not be determined if the puck would have entered the area normally occupied by the net.

(iii) If the goal becomes dislodged after the puck has crossed the goal line thus ending the shot, the above determinations do not apply, the shot is complete.

In this case, Wong failed to score.  Rightfully, Crich and Iverson reset for another penalty shot under option (ii) above.



Wong’s second attempt was equally unsuccessful.

The Hurricanes weren’t able to muster another goal, ultimately falling 6-4 to the Pats, who move on to the next round of the WHL playoffs.