The refs got the right guy.

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv head coach Alexei Kudashov was ejected from Monday’s Gagarin Cup Playoff Series against SKA St. Petersburg.

Kudashov, frustrated about something on the ice despite his team’s 1-0 lead in the game, threw a water bottle on the ice.  The bottle inadvertently hit SKA forward Ilya Kablukov.

The Lokomotiv coach tried to blame his assistant, who willingly took responsibility for the thrown bottle. Referees Roman Gofman and Konstantin Olenin didn’t fall for the bench boss’s ruse, bringing Kudashov’s night to an early and abrupt end.

From the KHL Rulebook:

e) If an identified team official throws a stick or any other object on to the playing surface from his player’s bench he shall be assessed a Game Misconduct penalty (GM), and his Team a Bench Minor penalty

Without their coach, Lokomotiv lost the game 2-1 in overtime. They trail SKA St. Petersburg three games to none in this best-of-seven series.