The NHL General Managers’ meetings came and went earlier this month with no change to the current offside rule.

While the GMs are considering some minor rule tweaks – blocking teams from taking a timeout after an icing, changing the faceoff location on an offensive-zone high stick – the offside rule and its Coach’s Challenge remained intact.

One general manager open to changing the offside rule was Tampa’s Steve Yzerman, who spoke with The Power Play’s Scott Laughlin and Greg Gilbert:

Well, I have mixed feelings on it, or mixed views on it.

I would be more in support of just breaking the plane for off-side. I thought that would be easier, but the majority of the group felt that they were comfortable with the way it was.

On video review – my issue with it all is like we only review off-side and goalie interference with the idea we just want to get it right. Well I want to get every call right, so I don’t know. We should either be reviewing everything or reviewing nothing. That’s the way I feel about it.

Here’s the full interview courtesy SiriusXM NHL Network Radio: