It’s all about perspective.

When you’re trying to determine if a puck has crossed the goal line, finding the right perspective can be a challenge.

Philadelphia’s Michael Raffl scored the Flyers’ first goal of Wednesday’s game against the Capitals, though it required some forensic examination to be sure the puck went in.

The initial replays appeared inconclusive. It was hard to tell whether the puck was actually over the line based on the camera angles.


It wasn’t until the overhead angle from the crossbar camera was revealed that a definitive determination was reached.


Flyers Raffl


The NHL installed crossbar cameras prior to the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The following year, the league added blueline cameras to help with offside calls. The league has previously tested cameras in the goal posts as well.

While all the angles are helpful in reviewing a play, they’re not all immediately available to the broadcast crew. Thanks to the NHL for leveraging social media to share the deciding viewpoint on this particular play.