Goal post cameras are coming for the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs. After testing them in the spring, the league is looking to roll them out in time for the postseason.

A league spokesperson confirmed that NHL Hockey Operations hopes to have the in-post cameras fully operational for the postseason in all playoff arenas.

The new cameras – one in each goal post – would provide additional angles for reviewing potential goals.  The height, which was determined after testing multiple spots on the post, should provide a better view without obstructions from the crossbar or any players or sticks above it.  Unlike the rear-mounted goal-cam, the goal post cameras will also be able to offer accurate angles relative to the goal line.

A few months back, the league was in the midst of testing goal post cameras but was not yet ready to go full time:

“We are testing and experimenting with ‘in-post’ cameras and would like to introduce them when we are comfortable that they are completely functional and workable,” Senior VP of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy told the New York Post in January. “When we feel we have it right we will start to put them in nets throughout the league.”

The NHL continued testing the cameras, expanding them to limited game use.  Goal-post cameras made an appearance at the 2015 NHL All Star Game:


They made their regular season debut at the Stadium Series Game between the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks:


You can see the cameras are installed on the inside of the post, closer to the back side, where they would not affect the trajectory of a puck. If a shot hits that camera, it’s already going in.

These two additional angles will give the NHL’s Situation Room a better – and potentially less obstructed – view of the goal line.  It’s another improvement by the league to help ensure they’re making the right call, at least when it comes to the objective determination of whether or not a puck crossed the goal line.