This week’s roundup include a new official’s debut and the loss of a long-time one, along with a career change, hall-of-fame recap, and support for some up-and-comers.

  • Linesman Bevan Mills makes his NHL debut. (Scouting the Refs)
  • NHL linesman Jim Christison passed away at age 70. His 18-year career, from 1970-1988, included 1,493 regular season games, 76 playoff games, and one Stanley Cup Final appearance. (Vancouver Sun)
  • A former Fort Wayne Komet is now one of the NHL’s top officials. Wes McCauley talks about his on-ice career change.(News-Sentinel)
  • Referee Kerry Fraser documented his experience at the 2016 Hall of Fame weekend – Part 1 and Part 2 (
  • Of course, we believe he should be in the Hall of Fame rather than just participating in the festivities. (Scouting The Refs)
  • Retired NHL ref Paul Stewart is looking for donations of officiating equipment to help those new to the craft. (Hockeybuzz)
  • If we can’t re-print what you said to the ref, you probably should have been ejected. (Scouting the Refs)
  • The Flames equipment staff has taken matters into their own hands when it comes to combatting slashes on Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau. (Twitter)
  • Scary moment caught on ref-cam as a referee is attacked during an amateur game in Belarus. (Scouting the Refs)
  • Via r/hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs are doing their best to stay onside: