Even if it’s by a fraction of an inch, an offside is offside.  It was nearly that close for the Minnesota Wild, who scored a goal challenged for an offside.

Wild forward Chris Stewart was leaving the zone as Mikko Koivu brought the puck in.  As the puck entered the zone, Koivu avoided playing it until Stewart’s skates reached the blueline.

Linesman Matt MacPherson, well-positioned to see both the puck and Stewart, made the initial call on the ice.

After review by the linesmen and the Situation Room, the NHL confirmed the call on the ice.

The Philadelphia Flyers have fallen to 0-5 this season on Coach’s Challenges. No coach has challenged more goals that the Flyers’ Dave Hakstol. Their previous four challenges were all for goaltender interference.

Hakstol was a bit more understanding after the game.

“Those guys usually get it right,” Hakstol said. “From the bench monitor, I didn’t think [Stewart] checked up. But they’re going off precise equipment … I’m sure they got it right.”

Minnesota’s Koivu was confident the call on the ice would stand.

“I was pretty sure it was good,” said Koivu, “and it was.”