Players aren’t the only ones who miss time with injuries. The NHL’s officiating corps is down a handful of referees and linesmen currently on injured reserve.


Referee Dean Morton

Morton was hit in the head by the puck during last Saturday’s game between the New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets. He was helped off the ice and did not return to the game.  Referee Frederick L’Ecuyer finished the game solo with linesmen Matt MacPherson and Devin Berg.

Morton was reportedly sidelined to watch for concussion-like symptoms, missing two games this week. There’s no official word on his condition nor timetable for his return.


Referee Francis Charron

Charron last worked on October 15, officiating a game between the New York Islanders and Washington Capitals.  While there’s no word on his injury, Charron appeared to be testing his right foot late in the third period, possibly indicating an injury to his leg or foot. He left the game with 9:54 to play, leaving referee Dan O’Rourke to finish the game as the lone referee with linesmen Steve Barton and Bryan Pancich.


Referee Dave Jackson

Jackson’s last appearance was refereeing a game between the Detroit Red Wings and Florida Panthers on October 15. Jackson completed the game without incident. There are no details available regarding his absence.


Linesman Derek Nansen

Nansen suffered a torn ACL in training camp. While he has no tentative return date, recovery for such an injury normally takes six months.


Referee Chris Rooney

Rooney was injured while in camp for the World Cup of Hockey. The veteran referee tore his Achilles tendon during fitness testing.

“It was during a shuttle run and it just popped,’’ Rooney told the Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont. “I was doing the test for, oh, maybe 10-12 minutes . . . and, pop, it tore right off. Until then, no pain or anything. Had I felt something, obviously I would have stopped. But all of a sudden, it just went.’’

Rooney was expected to miss 4-6 months, setting him up for a possible return early in the new year, if all goes well.

UPDATE: John Buccigross reports that Rooney will pick up a few conditioning games in the AHL in January prior to his return to the National Hockey League.

Linesman Jay Sharrers

Sharrers finished the 2015-16 season working a playoff game between Nashville and San Jose. He began the season on the injured list.  No details have been released on his injury.

Linesman Don Henderson

Henderson remains sidelined with the effects of Dennis Wideman’s hit from behind.  He reportedly underwent offseason neck surgery to correct issues with two ruptured discs.  There’s been no mention of a potential return to the ice.