Referee Mike Leggo had some good news and some bad news for the Vancouver crowd on Tuesday night.

Midway through a scoreless first period, the Canucks appeared to take the lead over the St. Louis Blues.

Vancouver’s Jannik Hansen passed the puck to Luca Sbisa in the slot.  Sbisa, hooked by Blues center Paul Stastny, was unable to get his stick on the puck. Instead, he picked up his right foot and kicked the puck into the net.

The officials signaled a goal then headed over to the referee’s crease for the review.



After a tense few minutes, referee Mike Leggo provided the result.

“Following video review,” Leggo began, “It has been determined that it was a distinct kicking motion so there’s no goal, HOWEVER…”

Leggo paused as the crowd booed the disallowed goal.

“However Number 26 for St. Louis is penalized two minutes for hooking on the play.”

Here’s the hook:


While it appeared that the penalty was called after the review, it was actually handled like any other delayed penalty.  Leggo and referee Justin St. Pierre spotted the hook, but before they could signal, the puck was in the net.

Had Sbisa simply redirected the puck instead of kicking it, the goal would’ve counted.  Of course, in the WHL, that’s a good goal even with the kick.

In the NHL, though, ref Mike Leggo will remind you, as he’s done before: “You can’t do that.”