Referee Kelly Sutherland was mic’d up for Monday’s World Cup game between Team Europe and the Czech Republic.   One of the league’s most talkative officials on the ice – and off – Sutherland does a terrific job of letting players know where the line is and when they’re getting close to crossing it.

He starts off by explaining a holding the stick penalty called on Team Europe’s Mark Streit.

“You grabbed [the stick] right when the puck was coming,” says Sutherland. “I don’t mind if the puck’s not there, Mark, but when you grab right before the puck gets there he’s got no chance.”

Later, Sutherland extends that warning to Team Europe’s bench.

“I don’t mind you grabbing his stick real quick, like what Mark did – that’s why he took the penalty – but, listen, when that puck comes near there and you’ve got his stick in your hands, probably a high probability of getting a penalty, alright?”

One of the highlights is Sutherland’s reaction to referee Eric Furlatt’s helmet-cam.

“They don’t want to hit you with that big helmet on and end their career!” yells Sutherland. “You look like a stormtrooper!”

Great work out there by referee Kelly Sutherland in setting the standard and making it clear to the players — even going so far aso pay a visit to the penalty box to explain the call to Czech forward Jake Voracek.