Head back down to ice level for a listen at the in-game chatter from the NHL referees during the Conference Finals of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 


Some highlights:

  • Referee Eric Furlatt explains the whistle, then gives Blues coach Ken Hitchcock an opportunity to challenge the call.  (Frankly, with that explanation, I can’t imagine Hitchcock thinking it worth a challenge.  Furlatt was quite clear on what he saw.)
  • “Watch the blue!” warns referee Dan O’Rourke.  “Stay out!”
  • O’Rourke motivates both clubs as they battle along the boards: “Get it movin’ boys! Get that puck going! Come on! Battle boys!”
  • “Good checkin’!” yells referee Kelly Sutherland while executing some smooth back-skating crossovers. “Watch the intereference!”
  • Brad Watson gives a nice explanation to Pittsburgh’s Phil Kessel on what he saw – and what he’s watching for.
  • Linesmen Jonny Murray gets in on the action, demanding that Pens’ coach Mike Sullivan puts the right players back on the ice after an icing.