The first Coach’s Challenge for offside in the playoffs is about to get a whole lot clearer.

The NHL has stepped up its camera game for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with extra cameras on each side of the blueline to assist with Coach’s Challenges for potentially-offside plays. 


During the regular season, there were 99 Coach’s Challenges issued for potentially-offside plays.  Of those, 37 were overturned, resulting in a ‘no goal’ ruling.  In some cases, as with the Carolina Hurricanes below, the video was inconclusive. The call reverted to the original ruling on the ice by the linesmen, with the Rangers losing a timeout.  

The NHL’s newest cameras will look to address those issues and provide better angles on the puck -and players – as they cross the blueline. 


Prior to last year’s playoffs, the NHL added goal-post cameras, which have been helpful, though often obstructed.   The league has also added a camera in the crossbar, looking directly down on the goal line: