This week’s Ref Recap looks an NHL linesman who won’t be back this season, a Swedish player who won’t see the ice for two years, and a WCHA referee who’s hoping for a comeback of his own after a frightening injury:

  • Bruins coach Claude Julien was frustrated by the officiating after a loss to the Ducks: “After a TV timeout, I brought [the referee] over and said, ‘Do you want my guys to start dropping and diving and embellishing? Because obviously we’re not getting the calls.’ I said, ‘You guys should have enough respect for our team right now that when you see those things happen, to call them.’ It’s been disappointing.”  [Causeway Crowd]
  • The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont has had enough of the Coach’s Challenge: “Adding more camera technology, and turning blue line calls into what amounts to a Mass. Pike E-ZPass tollbooth, is not my idea of making hockey great again.” [Boston Globe]
  • Sweden’s Viktor Thomasson received a two-year ban for slashing an opponent. “He has a certain style of play,” said his coach, “and it happens sometimes that it crosses the line.” [NYDN]