Detroit Red Wings goaltender Petr Mrazek was having a solid night between the pipes.  With the Wings and Blue Jackets tied at 1-1 in overtime, he seized the opportunity to make a play.

After a terrific save on  Blue Jackets defenseman Ryan Murray, Mrazek looked up ice.  He took two strides out of the crease and dropped the puck, looking to make a homerun pass to Pavel Datsyuk, all alone at center ice.

That’s when referee TJ Luxmore blew the whistle.

Mrazek was furious, skating right over to Luxmore. 

After the game, the Wings’ netminder explained what happened

“I was so mad, honestly,” said Mrazek. “I don’t think I skated with it that long, maybe one or two steps, then he blew the whistle.”

Luxmore provided Mrazek with a brief explanation.  

“He just said it’s the rule that I can’t skate with puck. That’s the rule so you have to accept it.”

Accepting it may have been made a bit easier by the fact that the Red Wings went on to win the game in the shootout.