Unfortunately for NHL referees, the hits just keep on coming. 

The latest officials to leave the ice for medical reasons were referees Ian Walsh and Tom Kowal. 

Walsh found himself caught up in a hit along the boards between Toronto’s Roman Polak and Philadelphia’s Nick Cousins.  The veteran referee’s helmet appears to hit the glass during the collision. After hanging on to the boards, Walsh falls to the ice.  He appears to be disoriented, running into Leafs’ defenseman Frank Corrado as linesman Scott Cherrey helps him off the ice. 

Referee Kevin Pollock worked the rest of the game solo alongside linesmen David Brisebois and Scott Cherrey.

Over at Red Wings vs. Senators, referee Tom Kowal finished the first period without incident.  He did not, however, come out for the second.  

Referee Trevor Hanson – in his first year as a full-time NHL referee – worked the remainder of the game as the lone referee with linesmen Steve Barton and Matt MacPherson.

There’s been no additional word on the condition of either official. 

Here’s hoping that both referees are back on the ice soon.