Toronto’s Nazem Kadri may be facing supplemental discipline for a throat-slashing gesture made towards Calgary’s Mark Giordano. 

The gesture came in response to a hard, open ice hit delivered by the Flames captain late in the first period of Tuesday night’s game.

“It’s something I don’t really remember doing, to be honest,” said Kadri, who claimed to be a dazed after the hit from Giordano.

(Is this what players have taken away from the Wideman incident?  The ‘woozy’ defense?)

Kadri was not penalized for the gesture during the game. Had it been detected by the referees, that move would’ve easily earned the Maple Leafs forward a trip to the box, per Rule 75, which specifies that a minor penalty be assessed to ‘any identifiable player who uses obscene, profane or abusive language or gestures directed at any person.’

“A throat slash should not be in the game,” said Giordano after the 4-3 Flames victory. “If you want to address things, address things.  [It’s] pretty stupid to make that gesture.”

While Kadri will likely escape with only a fine, one player has missed time for a similar action.

Chicago’s Nick Boynton was suspended one game for making a throat-slashing gesture to Tampa’s Blair Jones back in 2010.  This was his second offense.  Boynton previously made the same gesture when he was with the Bruins in 2006, then directing it toward Montreal Canadiens forward Mike Ribeiro.  

The NHL issued a warning to Florida Panthers winger Peter Worrell back in 2000 after he made a throat-slashing gesture to New Jersey’s Niedermayer.  

The league also sent notice to its general managers that similar gestures may result in supplemental discipline. 

We’ve already seen a suspension.  For Kadri, we’ll likely see a fine. 

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