Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  An AHL goaltender avoids being hung out to dry on an odd-man rush by bumping the net off its moorings to draw a whistle.

David Leggio tried it and got away with it.   Charlotte’s Daniel Altshuller gave it a go. 


Charlotte’s Brendan Woods was down on the ice after a hard hit, putting the Checkers a man down.  With his team leading by one in the final two minutes, Altshuller made a desperation play, bumping the net.

Altshuller’s move, since it was away from the puck, was not detected by the on ice officials.  Had he been caught, the penalty would’ve been severe.   

Since the Leggio incident, the AHL has amended the rulebook for goaltenders intentionally dislodging the net.  

Altshuller would’ve been given a game misconduct penalty, with a penalty shot awarded to the Gulls.  Backup goaltender Rasmus Tirronen would have come in cold, immediately facing a penalty shot from any of the players on the ice.   San Diego had their top scorers out there, with Brandon Montour, Chris Mueller, Nick Ritchie, Mike Sgarbossa, and Stefan Noesen all on the ice. 

When the officials realized the net was off, the whistle blew, halting play.  Charlotte eventually tacked on an empty-netter for a 4-2 victory.  Altshuller improved to 7-0-1 on the season.

Referee for the game was Ryan Hersey. Linesmen were J.M. McNulty and Tanner Nua.