New York center Dominic Moore has been the Rangers’ top faceoff man against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He went 37-for-66 over the first five games, winning 56% of his draws.  In Game 5, though, he struggled at the dot, going just 2-for-8.  

During Game 6, Moore had a conversation with referee Chris Rooney about a possible strategy employed by the Lightning that may have been impacting his success in the faceoff circle. 

Moore: Can you do me a favor?  

Rooney: Yeah.

Moore: One of their [faceoff] plays is for their wingers to come in and kick my feet out.  It’s like tripping. Just keep an eye out if you see it.  It’s hard to see in the pile.

Rooney: Do you think they practice that?

Moore: They do.

Rooney: So who’s the guy who gets their leg kicked out in practice, you think?  One of the Black Aces, probably, right?

You have to give these guys credit.  Game 6 of a tight series, and the officials still have a sense of humor.  Thanks to the NHL and the NHLOA for getting these officials mic’d up and allowing us a look at their conversations on the ice.