In this latest look at officials mic’d up on the ice, referees Wes McCauley and Kevin Pollock discuss Andrew Shaw’s attempted OT winner via header into the net in Game 2 between thr Anaheim Ducks and the Chicago Blackhawks. 

“If he headbutts it in it’s no goal,” says referee Wes McCauley. “You can’t score that way…   That’s not a legal fashion.”

The team captains meet with the referee to hear the explanation for the call.

McCauley: “You’ve got to propel the puck into the net legally.”

Sharp: “But you’ve got a goal on the ice.”

McCauley: “No, we’ve got no goal on the ice.

Referee Kevin Pollock delivers the news to the fans: “The Chicago person deliberately headbutted the puck in the net. No goal!”


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