Another great video from the NHL takes us between the stripes for a discussion of Tyler Johnson’s 3-on-5 breakaway goal that opened the scoring in Game 2 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers. 

Rooney: “I have St. Louis going into– You’re waving off because of the net?”

Sutherland: “Yeah.”

Rooney: “Okay, but St. Louis knocked the net off. If the puck’s on the way in, that could be a goal.”

Sutherland: “Okay, let’s review this. I got no goal on the ice…”

Rooney: “Sudsy!  Sudsy!  Do you want to switch the call on the ice to a goal?  I’ve got a goal. I have it definitely going in before the net comes off.”

Good eyes, ref.  After a brief review, the play was ruled a goal.