Ben Bishop was having a rough night.  After three amazing games against the Canadiens in which he allowed just 4 goals, it was bound to happen.  And, boy, did it.   Bishop was off his game early and seemed to lose focus as the game went on.  He attempted a head-butt on Montreal’s Lars Eller.  Later in the game, he defended a scoring attempt by throwing his stick. 

You can’t do that.  The NHL rulebook covers it in Rule 53.6:

When any member of the defending team, including the Coach or any non-playing person, throws or shoots any part of a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at the puck or puck carrier in his defending zone, the Referee or Linesman shall allow the play to be completed and if a goal is not scored, a penalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team. This shot shall be taken by the player designated by the Referee as the player fouled.

Bishop got away with that one.  He also didn’t last much longer. After giving up 3 goals on 14 shots, he was pulled from the net.  Hopefully, he took that time to rethink his strategy between the pipes. 

Full highlights of Game 4 between the Canadiens and Lightning: