Referee Kelly Sutherland discusses the play with the Situation Room

Referee Kelly Sutherland discusses the play with the Situation Room

Calgary’s seen this play before. An apparent Flames goal was stopped by an opposing goaltender after it appeared to have crossed the line. In 2004, it was Martin Gelinas in the Stanley Cup Final. In 2015, it was Sam Bennett.

With the Ducks leading 3-2 in Game 3 of their second-round matchup, the Flames were looking to even the score.  At 13:38 of the third, it appeared they had done just that.  Rookie Sam Bennett’s shot was saved by Anaheim goaltender Frederik Andersen.  Andersen’s right pad was behind the goal line at the time of stop.  

Referee Kelly Sutherland checked with the NHL’s Situation Room.  After a few minutes of deliberation, the verdict was handed down: “No goal on the play.”

The official ruling was that replay was inconclusive in determining whether the puck completely crossed the Anaheim goal line. Referee Kelly Sutherland’s initial call on the ice stood.  

The most compelling replay appears to be the overhead shot. The front view is somewhat misleading, as the puck as slightly off the ice. That angle gives the impression that the puck is over the goal line.  The in-post camera was obscured by Andersen’s pads, which leaves the direct overhead view.

The Calgary Flames eventually got their game-tying goal with 20 seconds to play before going on to win the game in overtime.

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