Don’t try to play the puck through a linesmen. It likely won’t end well.

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Tobias Enstrom learned just that in Sunday’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Enstrom was chasing down a loose puck with Chicago’s Patrick Sharp in pursuit. Rather than pass in front of linesman Don Henderson, Enstrom tried to poke the puck along the boards. His stick was caught behind the linesman, leaving the Jets’ blueliner to make a desperate attempt to play the puck with his glove.


Despite his position along the wall, you have to feel bad for Henderson. He certainly wanted nothing to do with the play, nor the loss of Enstrom’s stick which led to the Blackhawks’ game-tying goal.

To his credit, Sharp read the play perfectly, cutting off the path up the boards. Had Enstrom pushed it deep into the zone, perhaps Winnipeg would have been able to recover.

Just something for Enstrom to keep in mind for next time. That, and make sure you pick your head up so you don’t try to skate through the officials.

(stick-tap to r/hockey and GRiZZY19 for the clip)