NHL All Star Game Referees and Linesmen: Chris Lee, Steve Miller, Tony Sericolo, and Chris Rooney

NHL All Star Game Referees and Linesmen: Chris Lee, Steve Miller, Tony Sericolo, and Chris Rooney

The NHL has announced the players and captains for the 2015 NHL All-Star Game. Nationwide Arena in Columbus is set. There’s one more thing you need to make it a game: on-ice officials.

Referees Chris Lee and Chris Rooney have been selected to work the All-Star Game with linesmen Tony Sericolo, and Steve Miller. All four are making their first All-Star Game appearances.


NHL Referee Chris Lee (#28)Chris Lee

  • Games 2014-15: 40
  • Career Games: 825
  • First NHL Game: April 2, 2000
  • Birthplace: Saint John, NB
  • Highlights: Conf Finals (2012)

NHL Referee Chris Rooney (#5)Chris Rooney

  • Games 2014-15: 40
  • Career Games: 866
  • First NHL Game: Nov. 22, 2000
  • Birthplace: South Boston, MA
  • Highlights: Stanley Cup Final (2012 & 2013) Winter Classic (2010)


NHL Linesman Tony Sericolo (#84)

Tony Sericolo

  • Games 2014-15: 42
  • Career Games: 1048
  • First NHL Game: Oct. 21, 1998
  • Birthplace: Troy, NY
  • Highlights: Olympics (2006)

NHL Linesman Steve Miller (#89)

Steve Miller

  • Games 2014-15: 40
  • Career Games: 942
  • First NHL Game: Oct. 11, 2000
  • Birthplace: Stratford, ON
  • Highlights: Stanley Cup Finals (2011, 2010, 2009), Olympics (2006)

NHL 2015 All Star Game Jerseys

NHL 2015 All Star Game Jerseys

There’s no word on any possible changes to the officials’ uniforms for the game.  With the players’ jerseys either black or white, both having vertical black-and-white stripes under the arms, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the NHL try something different for the officials’ uniforms.

(Let’s just hope they don’t go with a solid neon green to complement the accent color on the teams’ unforms).

While we’re looking at this year’s on-ice crew, here’s a lookback at the referees and linesmen who’ve worked the NHL All-Star Game for the previous 25 years.

Previous All-Star Game Officials

2014 – No Game (Olympics)
2013 – No Game (Lockout)
2012 – Referees: Eric Furlatt, Tim Peel. Linesmen: Derek Amell, Brad Kovachik
2011 – Referees: Tom Kowal, Kevin Pollock. Linesmen: Darren Gibbs, Don Henderson
2010 – No Game (Olympics)
2009 – Referees: Marc Joannette, Brad Meier. Linesmen: Greg Devorski, Pierre Racicot
2008 – Referees: Rob Martell, Brad Watson. Linesmen: Pat Dapuzzo, Lyle Seitz
2007 – Referees: Greg Kimmerly, Mike Leggo. Linesmen: Lonnie Cameron, Jay Sharrers
2006 – No Game (Olympics)
2005 – No Game (Lockout)
2004 – Referees: Blaine Angus, Stephen Walkom. Linesmen: Scott Driscoll, Thor Nelson
2003 – Referees: Dennis LaRue, Dan O’Halloran. Linesmen: Jean Morin, Tim Nowak
2002 – Referees: Dave Jackson, Don Van Massenhoven. Linesmen: Andy McElman, Mark Pare
2001 – Referees: Mick McGeough, Richard Trottier. Linesmen: Randy Mitton, Mark Wheler
2000 – Referees: Kerry Fraser, Don Koharski. Linesmen: Gerard Gauthier, Ray Scapinello
1999 – Referee: Paul Devorski. Linesmen: Pierre Champoux, Brian Murphy
1998 – Referee: Paul Stewart. Linesmen: Mike Cvik, Shane Heyer
1997 – Referee: Rob Shick. Linesmen: Ron Asselstine, Bob Hodges, Leon Stickle
1996 – Referee: Mark Faucette. Linesmen: Ron Asselstine, Brad Lazarowich
1995 – No Game (Lockout)
1994 – Referee: Bill McCreary. Linesmen: Gord Broseker, Pat Dapuzzo
1993 – Referee: Dan Marouelli. Linesmen: Ryan Bozek, Kevin Collins
1992 – Referee: Don Koharski. Linesmen: Mark Pare, Mark Vines
1991 – Referee: Terry Gregson. Linesmen: Jerry Pateman, Dan Schachte
1990 – Referee: Kerry Fraser. Linesmen: Bob Hodges, Dan McCourt