Bronze Medal Game

Russia vs. Czech Republic – 3:00pm

  • Referees: Jerilyn Glenn (USA)
  • Linesmen: Jacqueline Spresser (USA), Vanessa Stratton (CAN)
  • Standby Ref: Lacey Senuk (CAN)

Glenn worked CAN/RUS (3-2) in the semi-finals. She hasn’t worked a Czech game this tournament.

Gold Medal Game

Canada vs. USA – 7:00pm

  • Referees: Ramona Weiss (GER)
  • Linesmen: Natasa Pagon (SLO), Johanna Tauriainen (FIN)
  • Standby Ref: Debby Hengst (NED)

Weiss worked CAN/RUS (3-2) and USA/RUS (7-1) in the preliminary round.