It’s always cool to see a ref’s-eye-view of a hockey game, no matter what level.

Referee Alex Valvo (@alex_valvo), going into his ninth year in stripes, strapped a GoPro to his helmet and took us inside a high school modified game. The Western New York High School Club Hockey match, featuring seventh and eighth graders, saw Sweet Home Middle School defeat St. Joe’s 1-0.

Some game highlights:

5:40 – Watch #18 in blue take a turn as goaltender, clearing the crease then making a few saves.

6:25 – Player: “Hey, I’m getting him out.”  Ref: “Getting him out? He was all the way across the goal line!”

6:59 – Coach: “…screen our goalie or pitchfork him. That was a pitch fork. That’s how that went in.”

8:33 – Ref, to coach: “Second jab? Your goalie never had it.  I saw the puck the whole time. […] I’m down there, you’re up here!”  (Check the video, and you’ll clearly see it was loose the whole time. Sorry, coach.)

10:40 – Game called with 1:28 to play.   Referee Alex Valvo explains:  “The end of the game was called due to curfew. These games usually have a 75 minute block of ice. For whatever reason, we were only given 65. This was the first game of a triple for me and each one of the games was curfewed.”

 Elbow-tap to Reddit Hockey and Alex Valvo for the video & info.

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