In the midst of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, former referee Kerry Fraser has taken a moment to perform a very important review — an officiating analysis of The Mighty Ducks.

“Being assigned to this game would have been a ref’s worst nightmare!” – Kerry Fraser

Mighty Ducks

Fraser takes a look at the various infractions that occurred throughout the movie, including potential offsides on the famous ‘Flying V’ and details around the game-ending penalty shot.  Here’s a sample, starting with the opening faceoff:

Prior to the opening puck drop I would have firmly addressed the highly inappropriate, racially charged “Oreo Cookie line” comment by assuming the role of a “Political Correctness Police Officer.” I would have immediately insisted upon a sincere apology be delivered by the Hawks player with the threat of ejection from the game under rule 23.7 (ii) racial taunts and slurs. 

After issuing a non-negotiable warning to both the Hawks player and his Coach I would have quick-triggered a penalty for interference immediately following the opening puck drop (Rule 56–Interference; rule 76.6–violations–In the conduct of any face-off at any of the nine (9) face-off spots on the playing surface, no player facing-off shall make any physical contact with this opponent’s body by means of his own body or by his stick except in the course of playing the puck after the face-off has been completed. For violation of this rule, the Referee may, at his discretion impose a minor penalty or penalties on the player(s) whose action(s) caused the physical contact.)

Head on over to TSN to read the full analysis.  When you’re done, you know you’re going to have to dig out the movie and watch the whole thing again.

We’ll also wait for Kerry’s review of D2.   I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on mid-game uniform changes and on-ice lassoing.  (Is holding the proper call, or do we use the more generic interference?)

Mighty Ducks: D2

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