Toronto Maple Leafs at Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Referees:
    • Mike Leggo (3) – 3.2 minors/game. 8.6 total PIM/game. The Leafs are 0-1-0 when Leggo’s working this year. This is Leggo’s first Pens game of the season. Leggo tends to favor the home team – just 44.1% of his minor penalties called were against the hosts.
    • TJ Luxmore (49)– Working just his 2nd NHL game. 4.0 minors/10 PIM in his one appearance
  • Linesmen: Jonny Murray (95); Steve Barton (59)


Winnipeg Jets at Columbus Blue Jackets

  • Referees:
    • Gord Dwyer (19) – 4.2 minors/game. 13.3 total PIM/game. The Jets have an OT loss under Dwyer. This is his first Jackets game of the year. Dwyer calls it even — 50.4% of his minor penalties were called against the home team.
    • Tim Peel (20) – 3.5 minors/game. 10.9 total PIM/game. The Jets are 0-1-1 under Peel; the Jackets are 1-1-0. Peel tends to favor the home team, with 44.8% of his minor penalties called against them.  This is the second game of the season that Dwyer and Peel have worked together. They officiated the Thanksgiving game (11/25)  between the Flyers and Panthers.
  • Linesmen: Brad Kovachik (71), Thor Nelson (80)


St. Louis Blues at Ottawa Senators

  • Referees:
    • Francois St. Laurent (38) – 4.1 minors/game. 13.3 total PIM/game.  The Blues are 1-0-0 when St. Laurent’s on the ice; the Sens are 0-1-1. St. Laurent calls it even – 49.8% of his calls are against the home team.
    • Kelly Sutherland (11) – 3.8 minors/game. 12.2 total PIM/game. Sutherland hasn’t seen the Blues yet this year. The Sens are 1-0-0 when he’s working. Like his partner tonight, he calls it down the middle, with 49.6% of minor calls against the home team.
  • Linesmen: Bryan Pancich (94), Shane Heyer (55)


Dallas Stars at Colorado Avalanche

  • Referees:
    • Brad Meier (34) – 4.2 minors/game. 14.2 total PIM/game.  This is Brad Meier’s first trip to Colorado this season.  In two road games under Meier, the Avs are 2-0.   This is Meier’s first appearance refereeing the Dallas Stars this year.   Meier penalizes the home team more frequently, with 51.2% of minor penalties called against the host club.
    • Jon McIsaac (45) – Working just his 2nd NHL game. 6.0 minors/19 total PIM in his one appearance.
  • Linesmen: Shane Heyer (55), Pierre Racicot (65)


Total PIM includes majors and misconducts