Want to get kicked out of an NFL game? Smacking an official – that’ll do.


Sunday’s game was a mess. “The penalty thing got out of hand,” said Rams head coach Jeff Fisher. Tight end Lance Kendricks added, “We have to be able to control ourselves.”  On Sunday, the Rams weren’t.

With 3:10 to go in the third quarter, Rams defensive tackle Kendall Langford was arguing a personal foul called on linebacker Alec Ogletree. As he gestured with his right hand, he smacked another official, knocking his hat to the ground.

Emotions were high and the game was well out of control at that point.  Sadly, it was the refs that let it get that way. (Some may argue that they contributed to the on-field disaster.)

It looked accidental, but the refs weren’t taking any chances.  They sent Langford to the showers.