Are we not men?  We are Devo!  Okay, if you didn’t grow up in the ’80s, you’re probably puzzled by that one.  Let’s just move on…

Paul Devorski is Devo.   Paul Devorski is a man.

A man who won’t let something like a puck off the ear get in the way of refereeing a hockey game:

After heading to the locker room for some stitches, Devorski returned to the ice a short time later.  (Referee Brad Meier ran the show solo in his absence.)  It’s a good thing he did.  Things got rough later that game, with the Leafs and Flames combining for 13 penalties and 46 penalty minutes.

Franson had just one shot on goal.  Unofficially, he had one shot on Devorski, too.