Fighting is not just for the boys.   The ladies can drop the gloves, too.  And, oh boy, did they.

The Ohio State and Bemidji State womens’ teams combined for a NCAA-record 318 penalty minutes in their game on November 8.  That’s an NCAA college hockey record for men or women, in Division I or Division III.   The previous record was a mere 268 by Boston University and Maine back in 2004.

Referees Ross Gibbs and Chrisy Langley called just eight penalties over the first 59 minutes – five on the Beavers and three against the Buckeyes.  At the 20:00 mark of the third, though, all hell broke loose with:

      • 20 Disqualifications
      • 19 Fighting majors
      • 1 Facemasking major
      • 1 Instigator penalty

Here’s OSU head coach Mike Handrahan:

“I don’t really know what happened, to be quite honest. All I know is there were players taking liberties with our players. There was some chippiness throughout the course of the game.”

“I can tell you this: We’re happy to at least see our girls show some fight and some spirit.”

Here’s his full post-game presser: